State Salaries, High School Education, and Non-Local Pilots

A Look into the Salaries Posted in the Online Job Searching Industry

Analysts : Henry Wong, Erik Shively, Patrick Dillon, David Wood

Writers : Henry Wong, Patrick Dillon

On April 6th, 2018 all of the Modata team at the time decided to drive 2 hours to Mizzou to compete in a competition called Datafest. This was the first major event we had done a club together to any degree. Using datafest we slowly bonded and figured out a rought draft of what we wanted SIG-Data to be. This is the “first post” that was ported over from the first iteration of so this analysts holds a special place in my heart. All 4 of us put a lot of effort into this as we worked on this in an almost completely empty dorm building at Mizzou. Oblivious to the possible ghost stories and hauntings, we worked all night getting hyped and excited. This dataset was something we could all relate to: finding a job. Something that we all desperately were working through at the time.

The data was given to us by Indeed, the job listing search engine, composing of almost 3 GB of job listings from the past few years.

Heat Map

Right off the bat we made a heatmap of the United States by Average Estimated Salary of each state. Why? Because it looked like fun.

Mean Estimate Salary USA Heat Map

Scatter Matrix and Educational Level vs. Estimated Salary

To get more ideas we decided to go for a Scatter Matrix, or as we like to call it, the Shotgun Approach (it sounds cooler). Since we didn’t have 128 GB of memory right in front of us we had to reduce the scatter plot to only Missouri.

Scatter Matrix of Missouri Job Postings on Indeed

Scatter Matrix

Unfortunately, there aren’t many corellations. The only one that stands out notabliy is the word count in the description of a job (descriptionCharacterLength) correlates with number of characters in a descrption (descriptionWordCount).

But we did find something interesting. When looking at educationRequirement vs. estimatedSalary we noticed that the jobs that require No Education make more than jobs that require an High School Education on Indeed.

Estimated Salaries by Education Level Required of Job Posting

Missouri Education Salary vs. Education Level

Though there are more jobs that require no education, we still believe that we can conclude that jobs that require No Education on Indeed have a higher average salary.

Education Level MO US
No Education (0) 80,415 4,485,567
High School Education (1) 50,076 2,351,840
Higher Education (2) 47,159 2,715,421

To do a bit more we decided to look at supervisingJob column.

Salary and whether a listing is a Supervising Job by Education Requirements

Salary and Whether a Listing is a Supervising Job by Education Requirements

Local Jobs

To determine if a job was local or not we utilitzed the clicks and localClicks columns. By dividing localClicks by clicks we created a new column called localClicksToAllClicks. We then considered all jobs with a localClicksToAllClicks score more than or equal to .5 to be a local job. And all jobs with a localClicksToAllClicks score less than .5 to be not a local job. For the sake of data, we respresent “1” as a local job and “0” as not a local job.

We decide to put our new column against estimatedSalary to see if salaries would be higher in local jobs or not.

Average Estimated Salary Whether a Job is Local or Not

Average Estimated Salary Whether a Job is Local or Not

As seen, the Average Salary is higher for non-local jobs.

With this new column we decided to find out which job field has the most local jobs.

Number of Local Jobs by Job Field

Number of Local Jobs by Job Field

5 Most and 5 Least Local Jobs by Job Field

5 most and 5 Least Local Jobs by Job Field

These two graphs both show the same data. Having the 5 most and least makes the data easier on the eyes. As you see retail tops the chart for local jobs where 26% of retail jobs are local.

Most of these results aren’t that suprising. Retail jobs are more likely to be local jobs while aviation jobs aren’t clicked on by many people in the same area as the job listing is.


  • California, Washington, New York, Massachusets, Maryland, and Virgina have the highest average salaries on Indeed
  • Within the state for Missouri and the US, jobs that require No Education have a higher average salary than jobs that require a High School Diploma
  • Jobs on Indeed that require Higher Education are more likely to be Supervising Job than jobs the require a No Education or a High School Diploma
  • Customer Service Jobs are attract more interest locally than jobs like Aviation and Engineering related jobs.